My name is Nancy and I'm married with Thierry and we have 2 childrens, 2 boys, Florian and Ethan. 

We live with our leonbergers between Brussels and Leuven in a small town called Erps-Kwerps.



We bought our first leo in 1996, a female called Ulcka, who live with us 11 years.

After her we bought some others and started also with our first litter in 1998.

Our first litter was a problem litter with heart problems and we decided to stop the breed with Ulcka.

We needed also to sterilise her for her good health.

We started then with our other female Ulawna and keep there our first breeding female, Zebraa du Plateau Bavarois.

Now we have males and females home.


Our puppies are living with us in our living room.

After 4 weeks they can go outside and inside if the weather is good.

Our puppies stay with us till 8 weeks old or longer if needed and are sold with a guarantie contract (for genetical problems or hips problems, ....), vaccinated, identifieded with micro chip, deworming and DNA test.

Before reservation of one of our puppies we ask to meet the new owners.